Tips for Tenants

  • Smarter Tenant Tip #1:

    Did you know that Landlords annually have to pay interest on your security deposit? Check with the state banking commission for the rate of interest. More

    Smarter Tenant Tip #2:

    Set your rental priorities before you start looking. The rent, desire location, number of bedrooms and whether you want to keep a pet. This will help focus your search. More

    Smarter Tenant Tip #3:

    Be prepared. Get a copy of your credit report, check it for accuracy (press for corrections if necessary) before your prospective landlord lays his eyes on it. More

    Smarter Tenant Tip #4:

    Always inspect the rental unit before you sign a lease or rental agreement. Think carefully before signing-off on a clause that states that the rental is in fine shape. More

    Smarter Tenant Tip #5:

    Before you move out, find out what exactly the landlord expects in the way of cleaning. If you get no answer, announce a cleaning plan of your own. More

    Smarter Tenant Tip #6:

    It's common for landlords to limit overnight guests, such as allowing a guest for no more than ten days in any six-month period with written approval required for longer stays. More

    Smarter Tenant Tip #7:

    Landlords typically want all adults (18 years of age and older) who will live in the rental unit, including both members of a couple, to sign the lease or rental agreement. More

Tips for Landlords

  • Smarter Landlord Tip #1:

    When you are ready to find a tenant for your vacancy, you must select a tenant with whom you can maintain a professional relationship throughout the tenancy. More

    Smarter Landlord Tip #2:

    Application fees are common practice today. If you feel uncomfortable about this, you may offer to refund the fee only if the applicant becomes your next tenant. More

    Smarter Landlord Tip #3:

    If you are renting a property that was built before 1978, you are required to provide a disclosure notice and booklet from the EPA regarding lead and the hazards of lead. More

    Smarter Landlord Tip #4:

    A month-by-month lease can be written or oral. Rent is payable monthly and the lease can be changed or ended by either the landlord or the tenant after giving some notice. More

    Smarter Landlord Tip #5:

    Whenever you advertise a rental, you are subject to the fair housing laws which state that you cannot refuse to show a rental nor can you refuse to rent to someone. More

About Us (TLR) is brought to you by experienced Real Estate professionals with over a 20 year track record of connecting Tenants and Landlords. The idea of this site grew from the necessity to share information between Landlords. Through time, this site will help both Tenants and Landlords discover better information related to the past history of how the other party behaves within a lease. This information will hopefully provide insights to allow both Tenants and Landlords to "Rent Smarter." There is very limited information available on individuals outside of their consumer credit reports. The goal of this site is to collect "Renting Reports" that will contain information not found on a consumer credit report. Information that is useful, relevant and specific to the renting process.

Quality of Information

The information contained on this site is submitted "third-party" and therefore cannot be relied upon as absolute truth. The site does provide a means for any Tenant or Landlord to dispute a rating that has been posted by a third party. TLR will investigate each dispute in a similar manner as the consumer credit reporting agencies. After concluding a dispute, TLR will either delete the reported item in whole or in part and will also allow the individual who has filed the dispute to post a rebuttal or comment accordingly. does not confirm ratings that are posted unless a dispute has been submitted. It may take a number of years for our database to contain enough information to satisfy most searches with an actual report, but if Tenants and Landlords commit to posting their experiences, it can help us all "Rent Smarter" in the future.

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